Utah’s 24 Community Calendar 10/29/07 – Olympic Dream

Olympic Dream for Darfur Torch Relay, Saturday 11/3/07

Utah’s 24 Community Calendar 10/22/07- Pumpkin Launching Festival

This week’s community events features a Pumpkin Launching Festival in Moab by the Youth Garden Project. Put on your costumes and join an evening full of food, crafts, and games. Plus, pumpkins will be shot through the air with slingshots, catapults, and air cannons.

Utah’s 24 Community Calendar 10/15/07 – October Evening

Utah’s 24 TV Community Calendar 10/15/07 – October Evening

Julia Wins Miss Utah USA 2008!!!!!!

Julia wins the Miss Utah USA 2008 Pageant!!! Full story and candid pics coming soon!!! Julia’s so excited and grateful for everyone’s support!

Utah’s 24 Community Calendar 10/08/07 – Miss Utah USA 2008 Pageant

Host Julia Marie Bachison interviews Miss Utah USA 2007 Heather Anderson on the upcoming Miss Utah USA 2008 pageant held on October 12-13, 2007. Julia competed in this pageant and won the 2008 title.

New Gallery! Modeling and Photoshoots

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Utah’s 24 Community Calendar 08/13/07 – Mining Accident

In light of the recent mining accident in Huntington, Utah, Julia and Utah’s 24 reminds you about the hazards of living in earthquake country and emergency preparations. Also, find how to help the miner’s families in their time of crisis through the Salvation Army.

Utah’s 24 Community Calendar 08/06/07 – Paddleboats

Julia finds you food, events, and games to do this week for fun with the whole family.

Utah’s 24 Community Calendar 07/30/07 – Wildfires

Julia acknowledges the hard work of firefighters from around the country who are helping the communities affected by wildfires. Also, information on how you can help.

Utah’s 24 Community Calendar 07/23/07 – Parrots

Julia shows you where the fun is this week in Utah.

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